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What the press have to say...........

Marching on Embers by Chris O'Connor Yorkshire Tour

"Ruth Carney directs perfectly. There is so much to admire here, and the play proves that some of the very best drama happens outside London."
Phil Penfold, Yorkshire Post

States of Verbal Undress by Rani Moorthy @The Lowry Theatre, Manchester

"Carney stages the play in a simple direct manner that develops into a lively atmosphere like chatting amongst friends."

Dave Cunningham, The Public Reviews


Order by Martin Derbyshire @ The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

"Order is a vital, stunning piece of new writing and the Lantern a tailor-made setting. That said, something that tattoos itself onto your brain as this does should be seen far and wide."

David Dunn, The Star


The Lemon Princess by Rachel McGill @ West Yorkshire Playhouse

The nimble way in which the cast of five handles its various roles is breathtaking.”

Lynne Walker, The Independent


The Lemon Princess deserves repeated airings before as wide an audience as possible.”

Lynne Walker, The Independent


This is a worthwhile, often moving play with a consistent emotional grip.”

Kevin Berry, The Stage


Sisters by Stephanie Street @ Sheffield Crucible Studio

Ruth Carney's production sheds light, shrewdly acknowledges the audience and is well-acted by the five-strong ensemble.”

Michael Billington, The Guardian


"Truth be told, there’s such a diversity of opinion crammed into this richly absorbing show, and a refusal to collect the material into a neat unified position, that the best response is to soak it all up, insights, inconsistencies, grievances and all. The dominant mood of the evening, directed by Ruth Carney is one of festive and gossipy conviviality."

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph


Confessions Of A City by Richard Hurford @ Sheffield Theatres

For once the description "unique" can truly apply, since circumstance dictates that this piece of promenade theatre using areas of the still to-be-completed building can't happen again.”

The great thing about Ruth Carney's marvellously inventive production was the experience in itself.”

Ian Soutar, Sheffield Telegraph


The result is a unique, literally in your face experience – warming, harrowing, funny, thoughtful, emotive - cunningly directed by Ruth Carney, now back in Sheffield after brightening the lights of London's theatre land.”

David Dunn, The Star


The Laramie Project by Tectonic Theatre Company @ Sound Theatre, London

"Ruth Carney's production - which includes shining lights such as Margot Leicester, John Lloyd Fillingham and the up-and-coming talents of Andrew Garfield, Russell Tovey (from The History Boys) and Penny Layden - are collectively worth crawling over hot coals to see as models of restraint with material that could easily topple over into mawkishness".

Carol Woodis, Whatsonstage